Jason Carr: These are the 3 best pizza spots in Metro Detroit

Tania's Pizza (Tania's Pizza)

The best pizza in Metro Detroit is Tania’s out of a liquor store in Royal Oak at 13 and Crooks.

You could look at this pie and think, that’s a pie. It has a crust on top of the toppings. And I know that sounds weird but it is brushed with butter and dusted with garlic.

I promise no one who has ever had this pizza on my recommendation has been disappointed.

Second place goes to Tomato’s Apizza in Farmington Hills on 14 Mile and Middlebelt. A completely different experience than Tania’s, Tomato’s is New Haven-style pizza with a very thin charred crust and dark red greasy pepperoni.

They cut it not into perfectly spaced slices but irregular, which adds to the charm. Even if it’s an inch wide there’s always one more slice of Tomato’s in the box.

Third place goes to Buddy’s. Again, I honestly could tie all of these pizza joints in first place because they are apples and oranges and pears. Buddy’s, as you know, is Detroit-style deep dish baked in a metal pan and the sauce on top. The four-square and a beer is literal perfection.

I’m lucky that I have Tomato’s and Buddy’s both down the street from my house. Spoiled actually. But I’m going to cause a scandal and say I would trade either one for Tania’s to come to my hood and they go to Royal Oak.

In fact I have been pestering Amos Sheena, the owner of Tania’s, to expand to western Oakland County. Over more than ten years he has gamely heard me out but I am still waiting. And hoping.

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