Karen Drew: I’m stuck at Detroit Metro Airport (for now)

Karen at the airport. (WDIV)

I’m one of the thousands trying to fly out of Detroit Metro Airport this morning.  

I know it was best to avoid travel today - but my family has already made it to Florida for Christmas, and I’m trying to hard to get to them.       

I arrived two hours before my flight, expecting tons of lines. The baggage check-in line for Delta was crazy long -- at least a 45 minute wait.         

Security lines are long, too, but not as bad as the baggage lines. I am TSA Pre-Check, so got though quickly. I actually felt a bit guilty, I kept checking my flight and it was on time -- how could that be with this chaos?! I’m flying to Ft. Myers in Florida.  

I had time to grab a coffee and chatted with some Local 4 viewers sharing their travel stories. Most are in good moods, hopeful they will get out today. (Last check as of 8:30 a.m., 300+ cancellations out of DTW today)

Then I got the notice -- delay, 30 minutes. A bit later, another delay, 90 minutes.  

Time for another coffee, it’s out of my control, but hoping the flight does get out today, as I’m hoping for everybody they can get to their destination.

About the Author:

Karen Drew is the anchor of Local 4 News First at 4, weekdays at 4 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. She is also an award-winning investigative reporter.