Flashpoint 10/14/18: Debating Proposal 2 and the 'Kavanaugh effect' in midterm elections

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DETROITHere is what to you missed on Sunday's edition of Flashpoint:

The midterm elections are three weeks away, but there are things in addition to candidates on the ballot. Should we change the way we draw the boundaries of voting districts in Michigan? Proposal 2 was debated on this edition of Flashpoint.

There was also a discussion about Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court. Kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court may impact Election Day results and appears to be showing up in the polls. 

In Michigan, the polls in both of the big races for governor and Senate have shown us big leads that you had to expect would tighten as we got closer to actually voting. But races all over the country have tightened considerably in the past two weeks and Michigan is no exception. 

A new poll out this past week now shows Gretchen Whitmer with just a seven and a half point lead over Bill Schuette -- that's closer than it's been. And it shows incumbent Debbie Stabenow with a nine point lead over John James. 

Today's show started off with Proposal 2. The overall Michigan vote seems to be split pretty evenly between Republicans and Democrats and yet the Michigan congressional delegation isn't half and half -- it's two- thirds Republican.

Does that point to gerrymandering? The designers of Proposal 2 say yes -- and they want a panel of randomly selected everyday folks to decide how the districts are drawn and keep partisan lawmakers out of it.

Katie Fahey, Executive Director, Voters Not Politicians and Tony Daunt, Executive Director, Michigan Freedom Fund appeared on this week's edition of Flashpoint to discuss Proposal 2. 

Steve Mitchell of Mitchell Research and Communication and Jill Alper of Alper Strategies also joined Flashpoint. 

Segment 1:

  • Katie Fahey, Executive Director, Voters Not Politicians and Tony Daunt, Executive Director, Michigan Freedom Fund. 

Segment 2: 

  • Steve Mitchell, Mitchell Research and Communication and Jill Alper, Alper Strategies

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