Flashpoint Interview: EV expert talks nation’s push for electrification, why we’re not ready

Thorny problem awaits efforts in US’ push for electrification

This week on Flashpoint, host Devin Scillian sits down with Steve Levine, editor of The Electric, to discuss the nation's push for more electric vehicles, and what problems it faces.

Citing climate concerns, U.S. leaders are pushing for more and more electric vehicles to be produced and driven.

But, just as President Joe Biden visits to Detroit to tout electric vehicles and the plan to prioritize them, a thorny problem awaits -- and, once again, it’s China.

Steve Levine, editor of The Electric, joined Devin Scillian on this episode of Flashpoint to discuss the nation’s push for electrification, and why we aren’t ready for it.

Watch the interview in segment two of the Nov. 21, 2021 episode of Flashpoint in the video player above.

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