Wendy's has finally announced when spicy chicken nuggets are coming back

Bring on the heat!

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

It's been a long time coming, but Wendy's has officially announced when the beloved spicy chicken nuggets will return to our hearts and stomachs. 

The fast-food chain stopped selling the spicy delight back in 2017 to the dismay of fans everywhere.

Sure, the normal chicken nuggets at Wendy's are delicious, but nothing can compare to the spicy nuggets, especially if you're a fan of spicy food. 

Thanks to the power of Twitter, an online campaign started a few months ago to get Wendy's to bring the nuggets back. There were tons of people (including Chance the Rapper) pleading with the fast-food chain to do the right thing and bring back those nuggets. 


Wendy's heard our collective prayers and announced in May that the spicy chicken nuggets would soon be returning, but left us hanging on the exact date. 


Well, my fellow spicy chicken nugget aficionados, you won't have to wait much longer because Wendy's announced that we can expect the nuggets to return Aug. 19. That's less than two months away!


When the restaurant first took the item off the menu, company officials explained in a blog post that not everyone was a fan of the spicy nuggets, so that was one of the main decisions to pull it.

So, it just goes to show if you raise your voice and make enough noise, things can change.

From changing laws in our country to advocating for spicy chicken nuggets, anything is possible. 

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