🔒 Poll: Does Polish Village or Polonia in Hamtramck have better pierogis?

2 staple Polish restaurants right next to each other in Hamtramck

Pierogis (Pexels)

HAMTRAMCK, Mich. – One of the staples of Polish cuisine is the pierogi.

Like a savory empanada, pierogis are stuffed with meats and potatoes, making them a perfect, hearty meal during the colder months.

The city of Hamtramck had a huge polish population in the 20th century, and with that, two iconic restaurants right next door to each other have become staple establishments in the diverse city: Polonia and Polish Village.

Out of the two, Polonia has street cred after being featured by Anthony Bourdain. However, both Polish restaurants have die-hard fans.

As Oct. 8 is pierogi day, we are asking you, Insiders: Which restaurant has better pierogis in Hamtramck? Polonia or Polish Village?

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