Enjoy an Olga’s chicken pita with Michigan-made hot sauce

Detroit Hot Ones hot sauce (Olga’s Kitchen)

Hot sauce lovers can try a Detroit-themed Hot Ones sauce on an Olga’s Kitchen chicken sandwich starting this month.

The Hell Fire Detroit Spicy Chicken Olga from Olga’s Kitchen is a crispy chicken pita with sweet red onions, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and Hell Fire Detroit Challenge hot sauce. The hot sauce’s flavor is habanero chile, which the restaurant chain state in a press release that customers will feel the burn and embrace the flame that fuels Detroit.

The Detroit-themed hot sauce was featured on the T.V. series Hot Ones during seasons 9 and 13. Some memorable interviews include one with Paul Rudd, Lorde and Kim Kardashian. Hot Ones has been actively interviewing celebrities since 2015.

“Teaming up with Olga’s Kitchen has brought two Michigan powerhouse brands together to create one delicious product,” said the founder of Hell Fire Detroit Don Button. “Having a consistent presence in Olga’s restaurants is a meaningful way for us to expand our footprint with a sauce that truly packs a punch.”

For more information, head over to olgas.com.

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