Atwater Brewery donates $50K to create diversity scholarship program at Michigan State University

Atwater Brewery (Atwater Brewery)

EAST LANSING, Mich. – Atwater Brewery, a craft brewery partner of Molson Coors, announced a $50,000 donation to Michigan State University (MSU) to create an endowed scholarship program known as the Atwater Brewery Student Scholarship.

The endowment is funded by Molson Coors’ Tenth & Blake Brewing Education Scholarship Fund which seeks to address the lack of diversity in the craft industry.

“Diversifying the craft beer industry is an integral part of our mission and values,” said President of Atwater Brewery Katy McBrady in a press release. “Providing financial support and career opportunities to the next generation of diverse craft brewers is an essential component to creating a more inclusive industry.”

As a part of this scholarship program, students will have an opportunity to work full-time with a paid internship at the Detroit location of Atwater Brewery. Michigan State University students must be enrolled in the beverage science and technology minor under the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

“The Atwater Brewing Student Scholarship is an exciting opportunity for our future Spartans who are interested in pursuing careers in brewing sciences,” said Nicole Shriner, Ph.D. “I am grateful to Molson Coors and Atwater Brewery for connecting with Michigan State in this way and excited to further this industry partnership.”

The Brewers Associations reported in 2021 that 93.5% of brewery owners who responded were white, while 2.2% were Hispanic, 2% were Asian and 0.4% were Black. For gender, 75.6% of respondents were male, 23.7% were female and 0.2% were listed as nonbinary/third gender.

Atwater Brewery (Atwater Brewery)