McClure’s partners with Busch’s Market to unveil new pickle line

Pickles available starting Memorial Day Weekend

McClure Pickles (McClure Pickles)

Those who like pickles typically stick to one brand and one brand only. From Claussen to Vlasic, each brand has a way of making its pickles taste a little different.

The co-owner shared on LinkedIn that the company will release a new line of pickles for those who are fans of McClure’s.

The new pickle line will be available at Busch’s Market, a grocery store chain scattered in Metro Detroit. The partnership with the grocery chain will start Memorial Day Weekend, and these pickles are exclusive and will be on the market for a month.

The flavors of the new pickle line include crunchy garlic slices, spicy slices, and dill cornichons.

McClure’s is a Michigan-based company that started in 2009. The recipe used is from the great-grandmother of the McClure family. The pickles are manufactured in Michigan, but there is also a partner warehouse in New York.

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