From Burgers to fireworks: How to have a safe Memorial Day weekend

Happy National BBQ Day! (Pixabay, Pixabay 2023)

With a warm and sunny Memorial Day weekend upon us, many have undoubtedly made plans to fire up the barbecue pit for the first time this season.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has a few food safety tips to keep in mind to ensure a safe (and tasty) holiday weekend. Backyard chefs should avoid cross-contamination between raw meats and vegetables and remember to check internal temperatures using a food thermometer.

Personally, the furthest I go with food preparation is putting condiments on my burger; if you’re anything like me, feel free to simply remind the designated grill master of your family of these tips while you catch a tan this Monday.

Along with food safety, Michiganders have another responsibility this weekend: preventing wildfires.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources wants fire safety to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind when celebrating the holiday. Whether you head up north or stay home by the pool, fire danger is high across the state.

Yard waste burning mixed with dry conditions is a top cause for out-of-control flames, and the DNR encourages residents to check to ensure weather conditions allow for safe burning before setting any yard waste ablaze.

Another Memorial Day tradition is enjoying fireworks: while beautiful and thrilling, they also present a fire risk. Be sure to avoid shooting into dry grass or shrubs, and always keep a hose or water source nearby.

This weekend, as we honor those who have fought for our country, remember to take necessary measures to celebrate responsibly and safely.

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