Misty May-Treanor on life after the Olympics

Three-time gold medalist hopes to inspire families to be more active

Misty May-Treanor made history with partner Kerri Walsh Jennings -- winning three straight Olympic gold medals in beach volleyball.

Since retiring from the sport, May-Treanor has turned her focus to family.  She's now mom to a two-year-old daughter.

"Time as a family, I think is a lost art.  Now especially, knowing how precious that time is.  I'm actually making up for lost time since I had to sacrifice so much being an Olympic athlete," said May-Treanor.

May-Treanor now coaches volleyball at a community college.  She's also passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle and has partnered with healthcare company Abbott to get families off the couch with a video series dubbed "Full-Life Hacks."

"The whole point of each of these videos is to get the creative juices flowing for each family," said May-Treanor.

The videos feature fun, inexpensive activities -- from egg and spoon races, to obstacle courses, drumming, even do-it-yourself badminton rackets.

May-Treanor is proof you don't need fancy equipment to get started.

"My first experience learning volleyball was in our apartment over a coffee table with a balloon," said May-Treanor.

She isn't going to Rio, but May-Treanor said she will be watching.  She is excited to finally see all of the sports she missed while she was busy competing.

"My daughter, she loves swimming.  I always enjoy the gymnastics.  I was a big track athlete, so I'm looking forward to track and field," said May-Treanor.

She hopes the olympics will inspire families to create some healthy competition.

"It could be over this two week span that families play different activities every day and see who comes out on top, so they can have their own mini family Olympics," said May-Treanor.

To watch the "Full-Life Hacks" videos, click here.