What does the increase in COVID hospitalization rates mean? Local 4′s Dr. Frank McGeorge weighs in

Daily COVID hospitalization rates increase dramatically in Gen X demographic

DETROIT – Daily hospitalization rates are also increasing dramatically in younger age groups.

From March 1 to the 23, hospitalizations rose by more than 600 percent in those aged 30 to 39. They rose by 800 percent in aged 40 to 49. By comparison, hospitalizations in those age 80 years old and up increased by just 37 percent.

The difference in hospitalizations among younger groups compared to older is really good evidence that the vaccine is having a protective effect. The problem is, the increase in cases in Michigan appears to be outpacing vaccination efforts.

The state’s numbers for percent positivity and new cases began a distinct rise at the end of February. It can be hard to judge the trajectory at the start of a bump without more time. But three weeks later it’s clear we’ve crossed several concerning thresholds.

Percent positivity is now more than 8 percent. New cases are double what they were three weeks ago. We have essentially erased five weeks of improvement in only four weeks. Hospitalizations are clearly trending upward.

Although the percentage rise in hospitalizations is in younger groups, it’s all relative. Younger is between 30 and 50 years old. There is still an important risk of complications and death.

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