Why you should keep your COVID vaccination card

Health experts urge residents treat vaccination record similar to other important personal documents

Why you should keep your COVID vaccination card
Why you should keep your COVID vaccination card

DETROIT – If you’re one of the millions of Michiganders who has received a COVID-19 vaccine, then you also have a paper record of it.

That little card is important to hang onto for multiple reasons. Don’t make the mistake of treating it like an appointment reminder that you can throw out.

“The card is essentially a record that you have been vaccinated,” said Dr. Matt Sims, the director of infectious diseases research at Beaumont Health. “It lets them track what lot you got to see if what lot was better or worse.”

Medical experts suggest residents treat the card as they would with all of their most important papers since COVID is likely to stick around.

“At some point, we may need to start showing proof of vaccination for COVID,” Sims said.

Many people are concerned about the idea of a national database. Do residents need to carry the card with them?

“I don’t think you need to have it with you. I keep mine at home,” Sims said. “If you need it for insurances or travel purposes at some point, or just to show your doctor. You can go get it.”

The Biden Administration has repeatedly declared it has no plans to create a federal vaccination database and cited privacy concerns.

What about social media? Is it OK to post a photo of your card?

“Just like anything else, you look at it and make sure it doesn’t have any personal information that somebody could misuse,” Sims said. “It’s nice to see people proud of getting vaccinated.”

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Some Universities said they will require students show verification of vaccination for the fall semester.

The FBI has released a public warning that creating or buying a fake vaccination card is illegal.

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