Does Michigan have an app to validate vaccination? What is a ‘review of vital records?’

Answering COVID vaccine questions: Will I still be at risk of getting long haul symptoms even if vaccinated?

DETROIT – Since the coronavirus pandemic began, Dr. Frank McGeorge has been keeping viewers up-to-date and informed on all fronts. He’s been answering your questions about the vaccine, the vaccination process and more.

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We have been fighting this virus for over a year. Why are we still reviewing records? The information should already be known, or is this a way to increase the death count to feed the fear?

Additional deaths identified through the “review of vital records” are reported out three times a week. These are new deaths where COVID was identified on the death certificate but not properly reported to the state. These are NOT deaths from prior time periods.

When the number of COVID cases in the state are announced on the news, could they also announce how many of those cases were people that were not vaccinated?

That number isn’t reported out on a daily basis. But based on data from the state between the start of the year and May 25, there were more than 342,000 new COVID cases. Only 6,467 of them were in people who were fully vaccinated. Basically 98.1% of those cases were in unvaccinated people. Incidentally 98% of the deaths in that same period were also in unvaccinated people.

I am vaccinated but I am concerned if I get breakthrough COVID. I know it will likely be a mild case, but will I still be at risk of getting long-haul symptoms?

There haven’t been enough cases in vaccinated people with long-term followup to have an answer to your question yet. I’m sure researchers will have that data eventually. On a slightly related note, there are anecdotal reports of the vaccine improving long-haul symptoms in people who were experiencing it.

I recently traveled to NY and there’s an app to provide restaurants or retailers that shows a resident is fully vaccinated. What is the proper procedure for vaccine validation in Michigan?

There is no validation system in use in Michigan or most other states. We rely on unvaccinated people telling the truth.

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