When will this latest surge of COVID cases subside? Experts weigh in

Hospitals across country strain against COVID

Update on coronavirus in Michigan, around nation

DETROITCoronavirus cases suddenly surge in various parts of the country and then fall as the virus moves somewhere else.

While slowly, new cases of COVID-19 have been gradually dropping but experts said we’re not in the clear yet. They expect we could see the current surge subside before the end of the year.

Hospitals all over the country are straining against COVID-19. Deaths are on the rise as new cases decline.

“I’m not at all convinced the delta surge has peaked in the United States. I fully expect case counts to go up again across the country over the weeks and months to come,” Dr. Megan Ranney, Associate Dean at the Brown University School of Public Health, said.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb is a former FDA commissioner and a Pfizer board member. Gottlieb said the delta wave is going to surge across the country and hit different regions at different times.

“This may be the last major wave of infection. I think by Thanksgiving you’ll have seen this move its way through the country. The virus isn’t going away, but prevalence levels will decline to a level that feels more manageable,” Gottlieb said.

Health officials were seeing a 7-day average of up to 160,000 cases a day at the peak of the surge. Currently, the CDC said the average is closer to 114,000 new cases a day. Gottlieb expects that will drop down to about 20,000 cases a day -- but it depends on if more people get vaccinated.

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