Doctors: Do not go to hospital if you test positive for COVID and are asymptomatic

Only seek help if you need it

Doctors are urging asymptomatic people not to come to the hospital.

DETROIT – Hospital leaders are urging everyone to take this omicron variant spike seriously.

They are asking people to stay away from hospitals and urgent care centers if they don’t need help. That includes people seeking confirmation of a positive COVID test.

Hospitals are flooded with COVID patients right now. If you test positive at home and don’t need medical treatment then you should stay home, health officials said.

The issue is people testing positive with an at-home test and then wanting to confirm the results with an urgent care or emergency room. Doctors said that is not necessary.

The at-home tests are checking your viral load, and sometimes there isn’t enough to turn positive -- that’s where a false negative comes in.

If you have symptoms and need treatment then go to doctors for help. If you don’t need help then stay home.

If you really want to double check a positive COVID test you can take another at-home test the next day.

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