Michigan will end COVID recovery data reporting: Here’s why

State says metric is no longer useful

Coronavirus -- SARS-CoV-2 (AP)

Michigan’s health department updated the number of COVID-19 recoveries on Monday for the last time.

In an update posted to the state’s coronavirus data website, MDHHS said the Monday update on COVID recoveries in Michigan will be the last one posted. As of Jan. 20, the state reported 1,421,905 recoveries.

“The surveillance definition described above simplified the number of recovered cases to essentially include those who did not die of COVID-19 within the 30 day timeframe. Included in the recovered data would be persons who died without COVID-19 noted on their death certificate (potentially not recovered) and persons who do not expire but experience long COVID - which cannot be identified from current case surveillance methods,” MDHHS said.

“Early in the pandemic there was justification for publishing estimated mortality and recovery data as the true impact on of the virus on health was still emerging.  Almost two years into the pandemic, the case fatality rates and proportion of persons who do not expire and recover are relatively well understood and this data is no longer a useful metric to estimate the true number of recovered persons.”

As of Jan. 24, the state’s COVID fatality rate was around 1.7%. It has been between 1.7% and 2% for more than a year.

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