Beaumont hospitals adding more robots to robotic surgery program

Robot-assisted surgery offers benefits for patients, surgeons

Beaumont Health, now named Corewell Health after merging with Spectrum Health, is expanding its robotic surgery program that will benefit both the surgeons and the patients.

GROSSE POINTE, Mich. – A new fleet of robots are coming to Beaumont hospitals to help surgeons make smaller incisions, leading to less pain and quicker recovery times for patients.

Metro-Detroit-based health system Beaumont is adding seven new Da Vinci robots to its robotic surgery program, bringing the total number to 24 robots in the field right now. The new robots will reportedly allow Beaumont to help an additional 2,500 patients.

“Patients are experiencing less pain at the incisions sites. They are experiencing smaller incisions”, said Dr. Krikor Arman, medical director of robotic surgery at Beaumont Hospital in Grosse Pointe. “They are experiencing more outpatient surgery, and that allows them to get home, get back to work quicker a lot of times, using fewer narcotics, which is a huge benefit.”

Lucinda Ernst from Center Line had her gallbladder removed in a robot-assisted surgery in August.

“Yeah, I’m healing up wonderfully, no pain,” Ernst said. “I’m pretty much back to doing everything that I did before.”

The robots give surgeons a 3D view inside the patient while operating. That, coupled with the easily maneuverable arms, allow surgeons to get into tighter spaces with less damage to the body.

A study published by Beaumont in 2021 found that patients receiving robotic hernia surgery experienced a three-day hospital stay as opposed to a five-day stay that’s typical with traditional laparoscopic surgery.

Robot-assisted surgeries are not for everyone. Doctors may suggest that a more traditional approach be taken depending on certain factors.

“That depends on your surgical history, the patient’s medical condition,” Dr. Arman said. “There are a lot of reasons why the robot might not be appropriate, but on the other hand, if you’re going to get a traditional laparoscopic case, then doing it robotically offers a lot of the advantages.”

Robotic surgeries are available at all eight Beaumont Hospitals. The procedures are also being done at Beaumont Children’s Hospital, making it one of a handful of children’s hospitals to offer the new robot-assisted surgeries.

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