What’s Going Around: ER doctors report range of holiday-related problems from fireworks injuries to food poisoning

This week most Metro Detroit hospitals and doctors' offices are reporting an increase in patients suffering from breathing problems due to the smoke and poor air quality. It comes at a time when asthma and COPD flare-ups were already an issue.

Here’s our weekly round-up of what illnesses are spreading the most in Metro Detroit communities, according to our local doctors and hospitals.

Wayne County -- Strep throat, asthma flare-ups, seasonal allergies, sore throats, poison ivy, swimmer’s ear

Dr. Kevin Dazy -- Children’s Hospital of Michigan pediatrician

“We are still seeing a good number of strep infections. Also asthma flares ups. Treating a number of burns, cases, as typical around 4th of July. Outdoor injuries from summer activities and sports.”

Dr. Christopher Loewe -- Emergency Medicine, Ascension St. John Hospital

“Over the last week I’ve seen a lot of motorcycle accidents. There were also quite a few minibike and ATV crashes in Detroit.”

Dr. Jennifer Stevenson -- Emergency Department, Henry Ford Medical Center Fairlane

“On the Fourth of July there were a bunch of firework injuries, primarily in teenagers. Mostly burns to the hands. Otherwise, we’re still seeing a lot of strep throat.  We’ve also seen some patients suffering with allergy symptoms and sore throat after exposure to the unhealthy air last week.”

Oakland County -- Strep throat, stomach viruses, colds, seasonal allergies, Covid, ringworm

Caroline Morris, PA-C -- Henry Ford-Go Health Urgent Care Centers

“Most of the injuries we’ve seen have been related to food: food poisoning cases, lacerations of hands from food preparation, and a very small number of burns related to grills or stoves or fireworks going astray. Thankfully no extreme wounds that could not be handled in the urgent care setting.”

Washtenaw County -- Upper respiratory infections, stomach viruses, asthma flare-ups, seasonal allergies

Dr. Brad Uren -- Clinical Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Michigan Medicine

“Seeing a few people with URIs. COVID currently very rare. Less GI. Several fireworks injuries of varying severity.”

Monroe County -- Did not report this week

Macomb County -- Viral illnesses, seasonal allergies, stomach viruses, sinus infections, ear infections, pink eye

Dr. Anna Rivers -- Emergency physician, McLaren Macomb

“Orthopedic and soft tissue injuries continue to be the most common reason patients are seeking care in the emergency and trauma center. A summer virus and allergy exacerbation have led to symptoms of upper respiratory infection, including congestion, runny nose, sore throat, and respiratory issues. Mostly seen in children, there have been a noticeable number of patients treated for gastroenteritis and symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.”

Livingston County -- Did not report this week

About the Authors:

Dr. McGeorge can be seen on Local 4 News helping Metro Detroiters with health concerns when he isn't helping save lives in the emergency room at Henry Ford Hospital.