Coronavirus outbreak: How to wash your hands correctly

Dr. Frank McGeorge helps you wash hands thoroughly

DETROIT – Health experts say one of the most important ways to fight off the coronavirus and stay healthy in general is to wash your hands correctly and more often.

You probably think you know how to wash your hands, but there might be parts of the process your’ overlooking.

Hopefully, you’ve been washing your hands all your life. Experts recommend 20 seconds for proper hand washing. The problem is that even if you spend 20 seconds washing your hands, you might just keep doing the same thing over and over, missing important parts of your hands.

Pay special attention to areas that are more contaminated, which means cleaning the back of your hand and fingers. That’s what gets contaminated when you rub your nose, for example.

Pay attention to your thumb and fingertips, which is what you use to pick up things. The spaces between your fingers needs to be cleaned.

Finally, your palms -- where your sweat glands are -- need to be cleaned. After you’ve gone through all that trouble, don’t make a mistake at the last second. Use a paper towel to turn the faucet off and open doors in a public area.

Be thorough and stay healthy.

You can watch Dr. Frank McGeorge’s full video above.

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