An expert’s message to Michigan residents who still aren’t wearing masks in public

Wearing mask is ‘act of good citizenship and patriotism’

DETROIT – Have you seen people out in public without wearing masks, even though almost everyone is wearing them and it’s required as part of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s executive orders?

Masks have become a hot topic during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, particularly the reluctance of many people to wear them. They aren’t perfect, but masks are important in fighting the spread of the virus.

Dr. Frank McGeorge relayed a message from a “much older and wiser retired doctor” to people who are still reluctant to wear masks.

“Wearing a mask is a contract that we make with our fellow citizens, similar to the one we have regarding stopping for red lights and stop signs,” the doctor said. "It’s not an act of surrendering your rights, but an act of good citizenship and patriotism.

Dr. McGeorge said that’s a message he “wholeheartedly agrees with.”

Masks aren’t perfect. Some potentially infections particles can make it through the cloth or paper, but anything we can do to decrease the number of infected droplets that escape a person’s mouth is a positive.

Masks aren’t an excuse to stop other important practices such as social distancing and washing your hands, though.

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Michigan’s increased testing is also important because if someone tests positive they can be isolated and avoid spreading the virus further.

Once the state reopens more broadly, a combination of strategies will need to be used, including daily symptom screening, attention to distancing, hand washing and, of course, mask use.

It’s also likely retesting will be implemented in intervals once availability is expanded.

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