An inside look at the process of donating convalescent plasma with the Michigan Red Cross

Convalescent plasma donations are critical, American Red Cross says

An inside look at the process of donating convalescent plasma

Kim DeGiulio recently recovered from coronavirus and just like Evrod Cassimy, she decided to donate her convalescent plasma.

Doctors said her donation could save the lives of three COVID-9 patients.

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DeGiulio recovered from coronavirus in October. Now that she’s symptom-free and has the antibodies, she signed up to donate her plasma with the American Red Cross. All it took was filling out a form to declare you’ve recovered from COVID, then the American Red Cross reaches out to schedule a time to donate.

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While the process can take a few hours out of your day and be a little uncomfortable at times, the need is extremely great right now.

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“We’re currently using it as a treatment for patients who have COVID, so they receive it like a dose of medicine,” said Michigan American Red Cross CEO Mary Lynn Foster. “The convalescent plasma first goes through additional testing, so it goes through our national testing lab, and then it is dispersed throughout our network to where it is needed.”

The donation process took about 40 minutes. DeGiulio said the staff stayed with her and kept her distracted during the process.

You can watch Kim DeGiulio’s full story in the video above.

If you’ve recovered and want to know if you qualify to donate, just visit this website.

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