Can I catch COVID from the vaccine? Should I get it if I have health problems?

Answering your questions about the COVID vaccine

As COVID-19 vaccines roll out across the U.S., several people still have a lot of questions about it.

DETROIT – As COVID-19 vaccines roll out across the U.S., several people still have a lot of questions about it.

Below, Local 4′s Dr. Frank McGeorge answers some the most common virus and vaccine-related questions we’ve recently received:

“Can a person become reinfected with the variant within a few months of catching COVID-19?”

No. Recovery from a COVID-19 infection -- regardless of which variant you were exposed to -- should provide at least 90 days of immunity against other SARS-CoV-2 variants as well.

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“I have health problems, should I be getting the vaccine?”

People have asked if health problems such COPD, bronchitis, heart attacks and more would make the vaccine unsafe. Ultimately, health problems are more of a bigger reason to get the vaccine. If you do have any concerns, you should discuss it with you doctor who knows your health history.

“What is the protocol for getting the COVID-19 vaccine after a joint replacement?”

There’s no special concern after a joint replacement. You can get vaccinated whenever you’re eligible.

“My husband is scheduled to receive his vaccine in a couple weeks, should I be concerned about him possibly passing the virus to me?”

No. There is no risk of someone spreading the virus from getting the vaccine. The MRNA vaccines do not contain any trace of the live virus.

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Questions about coronavirus? Ask Dr. McGeorge

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Dr. McGeorge can be seen on Local 4 News helping Metro Detroiters with health concerns when he isn't helping save lives in the emergency room at Henry Ford Hospital.

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