How to help kids manage stress brought on by ‘return to normal’

Rapid change can cause stress, anxiety in children

Helping kids manage stress brought on by 'return to normal'

The last 15 months amid the pandemic have been filled with constant change -- which can be hard on everyone, but it’s especially difficult for children.

In Michigan, mask and capacity mandates are loosening as of Tuesday, but the “return to normal” may be too much for the little ones to handle so quickly.

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Some children are going to dive right back into the activities and lifestyles they were accustomed to before the pandemic -- but others might have a harder time. There are signs to look out for in your children that will show you if the changes are stressing them out, and what you can do to help.

Pediatric nurse Sarah Rauner says first and foremost: check in with your kids; ask them questions and see how they’re doing and feeling. But she says not to leave it at that -- it’s important to discuss the social and COVID rules for places your children are visiting, and helping them to prepare mentally for what to expect.

Rauner says in terms of seeing if your child is stress, keep an eye out for signs of anxious behaviors like fidgeting, difficulty sleeping, lack of eating and increased angriness.

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