Menards closed Thanksgiving: 'Celebrate with your family'

Menards to open 6 a.m. on Black Friday

Menards has decided to keep store doors closed on Thanksgiving Day. The company released the following statement Tuesday:

As a family-owned company, Menards believes that Thanksgiving is a time for togetherness, which should be celebrated with all those we hold dear.  With this in mind, we decided to remain closed on Thanksgiving Day so you, as well as our Team Members, can celebrate this joyous time with family and friends.  We will open our doors bright and early at 6 a.m. on Friday morning, November 29th, so you can SAVE BIG with our 6 Hour After Thanksgiving Sale!

Menards seems to be in the minority. More and more retailers are starting their holiday shopping deals early - opening on Thanksgiving day.

"Every retailer wants to get the season off to a good start," said The Michigan Retailers Association's Tom Scott.

He says, when the economy crashed, retailers started raising the stakes, looking new strategies to make more money.

"A little bit earlier, a little bit earlier. Come up with a little bit more of a promotion to catch people's attention, and now yank them away from the Thanksgiving table in order to go shopping," said Scott.

Most of the big chain retailers will be open for at least a few hours this Thanksgiving Day. Kmart, Walmart, Target, Sears, and Toys "R" Us will all take part. Macy's has also confirmed most of its stores will open nationwide at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving evening.