WATCH: Local 4 News Today reveals 2018 Halloween costumes!

Take a look at everyone's Halloween costumes right here!

This year's theme is cereal box characters! 

The song "Breakfast Time" is by Rufio Jones. Check out the lyrics here

Evrod Cassimy is a grrrreat Tony the Tiger:

Rhonda Walker is buzzzzzing for Honey Nut Cheerios:

Jason Carr puts the Cap'n in Captain Crunch: 

Brandon Roux wants everyone to keep his hands off his Lucky Charms:

Nick Monacelli is the real Count Chocula:

Kim DeGiulio loves her Rice Krispies:

Our friend Maribel Aber is none other than the Trix rabbit -- she knows they're for kids:

Previous years

Last year's theme was iconic NBC shows. Everyone dressed the parts!

Here's a look back at last year's big reveal: 

Back in 2016, the team dressed up as the cast of the 1971 classic film "Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory," celebrating the life of the great Gene Wilder, who died earlier in the year. 

Here's a look back at the 2016 Halloween costumes: