This is apparently Michigan's favorite Thanksgiving leftover side dish

When it comes to Thanksgiving food, some would argue that the leftovers are the best part.

But part of the leftovers do we love the most?

The Honey Baked Ham Company conducted a nationwide survey to determine each state’s favorite leftover side dish. 

It turns out, America really loves stuffing…like REALLY, really loves stuffing, with 48 states selecting this side dish as their favorite Thanksgiving leftover. 

Stuffing was the clear favorite in Michigan (25%), followed by Mashed Potatoes (18%) and Green Bean Casserole (10%).

The Honey Baked Ham Company also took a look at how long leftovers typically last in America’s households. On average, Michigan residents eat their leftovers in 3 days.

Other fun facts:

  • New York eats their Thanksgiving leftovers faster than any other state (2.4 days), while Alaska, Colorado, Idaho and Utah keep their leftovers around the longest (3.2 days)
  • Washington and Colorado were the only states that did not select Stuffing as their favorite Thanksgiving leftover (Mashed Potatoes).
  • Macaroni & Cheese and Sweet Potato Casserole were neck and neck when competing for second place in the South.
  • There’s more love for Green Bean Casserole in the Midwest than any other region. 

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