Top 10 restaurants in Metro Detroit to kick off Valentine's Day

The Go-To Guide has you covered this Feb. 14!


Uh oh! It's almost Valentine's Day!

Luckily, you've got the Vote 4 The Best Go-To Guide to help with dinner plans. Below are 10 restaurants that metro Detroit has voted "Best" in various categories. 

You can get directions and a phone number for the restaurant by clicking on or tapping the name in blue. If you'd like to look at all of the winners of the latest Vote 4 The Best contest, you can see the whole Go-To Guide by following this link!

1. Best American

Four Corners Diner

2. Best for Brunch


3. Best Chinese

Wong Express House

4. Best Ethnic - Other

Bistro Orleans

5. Best Greek

Athenian Shish Kabab

6. Best Italian


7. Best Mexican

Mojave Cantina

8. Best Seafood

Joe Muer Seafood

9. Best Sushi

Izakaya Sanpei Restaurant

10. Best Vegetarian

Chive Kitchen