Face biggest challenges, goals by writing them down

Experts say having plan, sticking to it the best way to make life changes

Anthonette Klinkerman wanted to start her own business but needed a little inspiration to do it.

She found it in Polly Letosfsky, the author and motivational speaker who trekked more than 14,000 miles in 22 countries.

"She walked all the way around the world. Just walked, one step in front of the other and I thought, 'What am I afraid of?'" said Klinkerman.

Now when Klinkerman gets ready for work she laces up her pink boots and wears army tags.   She is the founder of Courtesy Boot Camp.

"I came up with this idea for a mobile etiquette school.  Everybody wants everything in a boot camp format. They want it in one hour and they want it yesterday," said Klinkerman.

Letofsky wants to help others conquer their biggest goal. Her advice is put it on paper including your fears.  Letofsky says to reach out for help, surround yourself with supportive people, and expect tough times.

"Expect that there's going to be hurdles so that you're not surprised and blindsided by them," said Letofsky.

Metro Detroit clinical psychologist Dr. Donna Rockwell told Local 4 people can be afraid of failure and they shouldn't be.

"It's becoming a big theme in business these days that failure is not a bad thing.  We need to fail and move through that phase quickly and come up with new ideas on the other end," said Rockwell.

Rockwell said  the simplest solutions can be the best ones to achieve your goals.

"What you really need to do is write everything down.   Sit down and brainstorm.  Make a diagram, make lists and come up with ideas and a game plan and not just have amorphous idea of what you'd like to do, but put it in black and white on a piece of paper and execute those ideas," said Rockwell.

"You have to just put yourself out there and trust that it's going to fall into place eventually," said Klinkerman.

Rockwell said that includes networking.

"That's another area we should not be afraid to risk in.  Call people. People will speak to us if we have ideas even if you just want to brainstorm with someone.  So do not be afraid to show up in the world.  To be a big as you think you might want to be.  Keeping ourselves small doesn't help and networking really helps promote and flourish and help us nurture ideas into reality," said Rockwell.

Rockwell also recommends following through with yourself.  Every day ask yourself what you're going to do to follow through with your plan. She said you'll be surprised after a year how much you can get done.

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