'Smart' gym in West Bloomfield offers complete workout in 20 minutes

Machines use a mix of science and technology for efficient results

WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mich. – Science plus technology combine for an intense, productive workout that claims to provide a complete workout in two 20-minute sessions per week. 

Local 4's Rhonda Walker visited The Exercise Coach to tryout the cutting edge workout experience. One of the first things she noticed? The gym is a lot smaller than a typical gym. Just five core units are in the facility, and many of the traditional equipment, like weights and treadmills, are nowhere to be found. 

Hopping on the equipment, Walker shows it's a mix between a workout and a sort of video game. A leg press offers resistance as you try to keep a line on a video screen in a green zone. Pressing lighter or harder keeps you balanced in the zone (watch the video above for Walker's demonstration). 

Sets last 90 seconds and are designed to fatigue muscles to burn fat and build strength, explained Jeff Goldman, of The Exercise Coach.

The new Smart gym -- that's a trademarked term -- is the first of its kind in Michigan. It's located at 6245 Orchard Lake Road in West Bloomfield. You can try out your first four classes for free. 

As for the main question: Does it work? Walker says it "absolutely" worked. 

"The next day I was quite sore, and I was just shooting the story. I didn't do the full work out," she said. 




The Exercise Coach in 




Rhonda Walker checks out the first “smart” gym in Michigan.