Watch Channel 1d4 tonight and you can win a $10 Crunchyroll gift card


Channel 1d4, Local 4's D&D-inspired RPG, is live on Twitch tonight at 7 p.m. EST. Tune in to see Kendle, Ferrit and Annie continue their quest to stop the orc raid on Bottom's Bay. (Right now they're running away from an orc gang in ... interesting ... attire.)

Follow the Channel 1d4 Twitch stream and you can win a $10 gift card to Crunchyroll anime stream service. Enter the contest below.

You can also watch tonight's stream. While you're here, tell us about your D&D/RPG game in the comments. We love to meet fellow gamers.

Watch Channel 1d4 here:

Watch live video from channel1d4 on www.twitch.tv