The Iconic Travis Coffee Shop Is A Full House

Check out the place Uncle Joey reccomended to us

 A few weeks ago we had actor and comedian, Dave Coulier from Full House Fame, on the show and we asked him what his favorite restaurant is, and he did not hesitate to name a long- standing favorite in his hometown of Saint Clair Shores-- Travis Coffee Shop.

With their juicy burgers smothered in onions and a cute retro style feel, Travis Coffee shop has stood the test of time. Paul and Nita Mcadory first bought the shop in 1968 from the original owner, Travis. They meant it to be a ma an pa restaurant to make a living, but they made it into so much more. This is a good old fashion neighborhood spot complete with loyal customers (one of which is the aforementioned Dave Coulier), and a friendly staff.

After owning Travis' for several years Paul and Nita passed the baton onto their son Michael and his wife Amy. When asked what  she thought led to their success Amy replied, " It's stayed the same, same family, same management. We just keep it simple."

Here they serve typical diner fare including breakfast item, and homemade soups, but the most popular item here are their hamburgers. They sell them in multiple sizes: sliders which are 6 for $8 (without cheese), double (1/4 pound), and Dave Coulier's favorite the 5x5 (1/3 pound).

If you would like to give Travis Coffee shop a try they are located at 23500 Greater Mack Ave in Saint Clair Shores, and they are open 24 hours a day.

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