Learn How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

In honor of National Coffee Day, January 18, we learned how to make the perfect cup of coffee at home.

As some of you may know, Tati happens to be a coffee fanatic, and she asked the owner of one of her favorite coffee shops in the D,The Red Hook, to join us on the show. Sandi Heaselgrave taught us how to make that gourmet cup of coffee using two at home methods: the French press and Chemex.

Here are Heaselgrave's expert instructions!

The French Press

8 cup French Press

1. Use 1/2c (8 tablespoons) coarsely ground coffee

2. Fill the French Press halfway with water (just off the boil), completely saturating the grounds.

3. About 45s -1m later, break the crust, stir the grounds and full the French Press to the top.

4. At 4 minutes, plunge the pot and serve.

The Chemex


6 cup Chemex

1. Pre wet filter, drain that water. Use 1/3c (6 tablespoons) coarsely ground coffee, level it in the filter.

2. Bloom the grounds by just saturating them with water just off the boil.

3. 45s later, slowly pour the water in a spiral over the coffee grounds until you are 1” from the top of the rim.

3. At 1m 45s, cover the grounds again and fill to the top of the rim.

4. When water is finished, coffee is ready to serve!

The difference between the French press and the Chemex is that the Chemex will produce a clean, crisp cup of coffee as opposed to the chewy, more dense French Press brew. The Chemex was invented in 1941 and the French Press in 1929.

Sandi and Tati invited our Executive Producer Tammy Sortor onto the show for her long awaited taste of coffee made in a French Press. Tammy loved it! (Tati was sure she would)

You can taste the wonderful coffee that Sandi makes at her coffee shop, The Red Hook in 8025 Agnes St, Detroit, MI 48214.