Make music with bananas in Ann Arbor this weekend!


When someone mentions library most people automatically think of a quiet place, no socializing, and no real excitement. At the Library in Downtown Ann Arbor there are something very exciting happening Sunday, May 20th and it's free.

The event happening in the library is called Ann Arbor Creativity and Art Making Expo or AACME, and Sherlonya Turner and Valeris Sobczak joined us in studio on behalf of our friends at the Ann Arbor District Library to tell us all about the event. The expo is meant to showcase and celebrate independent art making.

They brought in a couple examples of what you might see at AACME like playing musical fruit or with musical tools and you can even make signs with their letterpress lab. 

To learn more about what there is to see and do at the creativity and making Expo this Sunday visit the website www.AADL.org/AACME