Michigan Wildlife Council tells us why you should appreciate certain insects

Pollinators are important to our lives but are struggling to survive

One of the best things about Michigan summers are the beautiful flowers that bloom around us. We wouldn't have these colorful flowers without pollinators, which are insects that transfer pollen in and between flowers. Our state has quite a few of them.

Not only are pollinators, which include bees, butterflies and other insects, important to our flowers, they also help produce the food we eat.

As we learn how important these pretty butterflies and bees are to our flowers and food, we also learn some are struggling to thrive. According to Holly Vaughn, of the Michigan Wildlife Council, the trouble begins literally in our backyards.

"Several pollinator species are on the decline right now mostly due to habitat loss, and those habitat losses could either be here in their breeding range or in their migratory ranges," said Vaughn.

However, the MWC is working to help rebuild homes for these pollinators and encourages others to do the same.

To learn how to help Michigan pollinators, visit this website.