Break through that diet plateau with Dr. Quinn Weight Loss

Losing weight can be a challenge and it can be even more difficult when you've hit a weight loss plateau. That's when it seems no matter how hard you diet, you just can't shed that last few pounds. Our friend, Doctor Christopher Quinn, with Dr. Quinn Weight Loss and Cratus Medical Vitality Institute, has a way to help and one of his patients, Kimberly Minton joined us in the studio to tell us how it works. 

Quinn said that he wanted to help people who've hit a plateau and how he does that is by checking into your hormone imbalance. Once your hormones are regulated, it will make it easier to shed the weight. Quinn uses vitamins and supplements because some of the food that you eat may not be giving your body what it needs. 

We showed a picture of Minton before she sought out for Quinn's help, when she weighed over 190 pounds and she broke through the weight loss plateau. She tried everything, diets other weight loss programs, and Dr. Quinn really helped her weight loss journey. Minton lost 30 pounds in three months and kept the weight off for four years and she feels great. 

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