Jason's quick fix for pizza!

It's National Pizza Month and all month long we've been showing you different ways to enjoy a slice. "Live in the D" host Jason Carr has an old-school way to help you get your pizza fix with just a few ingredients. 

Jason said he came up with this recipe in the early '80s when Ragu came out with its Pizza Quick Sauce.

"So I became obsessed with Pizza Quick Sauce," said Jason. 

He starts with some perfectly toasted white bread, and said white bread is important. "Don't be buying any of that bread with twigs and seeds, and berries and nuts and that kind of stuff," he said.

Then he spreads the pizza sauce onto the bread. He adds lots of grated Parmesan cheese and puts it underneath the broiler for a couple of minutes. That's Jason's quick and easy way to make a pizza.

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