Take a tour of Mt. Clemens, where royalty and celebrities used to visit to take a bath

Mt. Clemens has a magnificent history thanks to being Bath City, U.S.A.

In the heart of Macomb County, lies a place where the princess of France and the prince of breakfast cereal used to visit. It's Mount Clemens, also known as Bath City, U.S.A, while not as many celebrities may travel there now, it's still a great town to visit with some wonderful places you have to see while you're there.

First is one of the most popular places to eat, O'Hallorans Public House and Hall in the downtown loop. Once you walk into O'Hallorans, you feel like you've entered a traditional pub in Dublin or London, and that's the goal. The menu consists of traditional Irish and American fare, from salads to fish and chips to steaks. The restaurant is also known for its variety of sliders.

Next, there's a house that highlights the city's extraordinary history, it's called the Crocker House. This historic location is about to celebrate 150 years thanks to Mt. Clemens' first mayor Joshua Dickenson.  He built the house for his daughter and his son-in-law, George Crocker. Now it serves as a look at life in the 1800's. There's also a lesson in the history of mineral baths, which brought celebrities and even royalty to Mt. Clemens. 

Finally, a stop at Weirdsville Records and Paperback Writers books is a must. Since 2011, the shop has been the go-to place for music lovers. Weirdsville has every music genre and you can purchase record players there as well. There's a stage for performances and even a studio where you can host an online radio show.