Mike Morse scores big with Super Bowl commercial

Local attorney produced commercial right here in Detroit

Many people have thoughts on how good, or bad, commercials were during Sunday night's Super Bowl. But one ad that is getting lots of praise was made here right in our area. Our friend, attorney Mike Morse of The Mike Morse Law Firm, spoke to Tati Amare about his 30-second commercial and how his mom made a special appearance.

In the commercial, Morse is running after a man who dropped his wallet as he's getting into his car. The car pulls in front of an ambulance, making Morse appear to be chasing it. Many people see Morse running, falling into the "ambulance chasing attorney" cliche and prompting people to ask, "What's Mike Morse doing?" It makes the "local news" and even his mother made a cameo appearance, wondering what he was doing. Morse finally caught up with the wallet owner, and returned it.

Morse said the commercial was a success, although he was a bit hesitant at first to do it. After the seriousness of last year's Super Bowl commercial, Morse wanted to lighten things up a bit and decided to do a comical ad. He wanted to make fun of the "ambulance chaser" cliche that he and his father, who was also a personal injury attorney, often face. Morse said the ad is gathering great responses, many coming from social media. Morse says he wanted to step up the local commercial game during the Super Bowl, since there are so few that are shown. 

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