Local chefs go head to head at Savor Showdown

Five nights of differently themed culinary competitions

The best of the best are showing up for the "Savory Showdown" in Detroit presented by Hour Detroit Magazine. Chef Jordan Hoffman of Parc restaurant and Hour Detroit's marketing and event director, Lauren Mohon, joined Jason Carr today to give some insight on this competitve event. 

Hoffman demonstrated how to make a vegetarian dish which consisted of celery ack and carrot tagliatelle marinated in a cream sauce. 

"We are featuring some meatless items today because we are apart of Savory Series from Hour Detroit," said Hoffman. "It's me and another friend who's a chef versus two other chefs, and our category is vegetables."

Hoffman also brought some dishes from Zalman's Deli with him. "This is our Beverly Hills club salad and our stack sandwich," said Hoffman. "Everything is local, and Detroit is a great place to get deli food."

Mohon explained the details of the event a little more, "It's Hour Detroit's new Savor Showdown presented by Karmanos Cancer Center Institute," said Mohon. Each night, two chefs are going up against another pair of chefs and competing in the ultimate food fight." She said this event will celebrate local chefs as well as chefs around the country. 

The competition will be from April 24 through April 28. Tickets are still available for purchase for the Vegetable Showdown on the Hour Detroit website.