Shop like you're in England at Thistle & Bess in Ann Arbor

Purchase vintage items from Great Britain at this unique store

Former actress Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, is due to give birth very soon. Every time a royal baby arrives, many people want to celebrate. One way is by experiencing English tea or purchasing items form Great Britain; you can do both in Ann Arbor at Thistle & Bess. Meredith Bruckner with allaboutannarbor.com, along with the owner of the store, Diana Marsh joined Tati Amare to discuss this unique boutique.

Bruckner said the store is in the Kerrytown neighborhood and as soon as you walk through the doors, you feel like you're transported to the British Isles. The shop exudes vintage and antique flare with its jewelry, home goods,and things many other stores don't carry. Some of the items at Thistle & Bess are made either in our own state or in England.

Alex Monroe who handcrafts jewelry in London, is coming to Thislte & Bess June 1. To celebrate, the shop will host an English tea party, featuring beverages from  neighboring store, The Tea Haus. Sweet Heather Anne Bakery will be providing treats as Monroe presents one-of-a-kind pieces. 

When asked how the shop's name became Thistle & Bess, Marsh said she based it off her heritage, which is Scottish and English. Thistle comes from the Scottish emblem, and Bess was the nickname for Queen Elizabeth I.

Thistle and Bess is located in Kerrytown on 4th Avenue. To learn more about the store or places in Ann Arbor, visit allaboutannarbor.com, a site made possible by our partners at Wallside Windows and Concordia University.

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