Try the old beverage that's getting a "Neu" spin in Farmington

Neu Kombucha is creating different flavors and tonics

It's a drink that people all over the world have been enjoying for centuries, now there's a special version of the brew being made in Metro Detroit. It's called Neu Kombucha and they are one of the only kombucha makers in the D.

Owner Jennie Neu-Sipkay started making the drink in the Cacao Tree Cafe in Royal Oak. She then was encouraged by her husband and family to branch out and create a company of her own.

Neu-Spikay has been making Neu Kombucha for almost a decade. The drink is sold in more than 30 places in and around Detroit in various flavors, tonics and is vegan-friendly.

Neu Kombucha is located at 33305 Grand River Ave in downtown Farmington.