Do these “unbreakable” stockings really work?

Try It Out Tuesday!

All right ladies, we all know the pain that is pantyhose. They are constantly running, snagging, tearing, sometimes before you even get both your legs in them! Men, trust us, this is not a rabbit hole you want to go down. So, when we saw these supposedly unbreakable nylons by Sheertex, we were skeptical, and more than a little hopeful, that they would deliver on their promise.

According to Sheertex, their product is supposed to be totally resistant to any runs, tears, and snags. Their stockings are patent-pending and were named as one of Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2018. You may recognize them from their many ads on social media where people take scissors and knives to them and they do not break.

Host Tati Amare took the chance on them, to see if they really can go the distance, and so far she’s impressed. She says she has worn them at least 20 times and not a snag to be found. Live in the D’s Michelle Oliver and Kila Peeples tried their hand and tearing the pantyhose. Michelle stretched them to their max and Kila tried to snag them with her ring, but alas, not a mark. Michelle even poked them with a set of scissors, and just like in the ads, not a run could be found.

Now, these stockings do run a bit on the expensive side, coming in at about $59, but if you never have to buy a pair again, could it be worth it? What do you think? Have you tried these out?

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