You can learn to swim at any age

Get inspired watching Kila Peeples take the plunge of a lifetime

Detroit – At the start of every new year, most people make goals, whether it’s to lose a few pounds or learn a new language. Last year our Kila Peeples set a big goal, to learn how to swim. She turned to the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit to help her tackle the mission. Not only was she brave enough to get in the water, but she was generous enough to share her journey with Live in the D.

After celebrating a big birthday, Kila wanted to do something that she had never done before. After years of hanging out by the pool, lake or ocean and never getting in them due to multiple fears, she went to the YMCA in Livonia and Detroit and signed up for swimming lessons. For 8 weeks she went to the pool to learn basic floating and swimming techniques, and more importantly, how to conquer a fear of water.

According to the Red Cross, over half of America’s population can’t swim or perform basic swim safety skills. Plus, only one in three African Americans can properly swim. Kila made it her mission to break barriers and know how to do a life-changing skill that’s not only a fun physical activity, but could also be life-saving.

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