Need something to do on a snow day?

Make the most of a snowy day with some crafty ideas from Little Guide Detroit

While snow days can sometimes take everyone by surprise, the statement is almost always made, " I’m bored"!! Fight the brain drain watching the television or playing video games with some hands-on activities that are so fun, even the older kids will get a kick out of them. Kerry Doman from Little Guide Detroit joined Jason Carr and Tati Amare to show some examples of using things around the house to keep your kids busy.

First, Doman says if your kids are always hungry, making healthy snacks with them is a great way to keep their time occupied. Simple household items like marshmallows, frozen cookie dough, and fruits or veggies are great to use for decorating or creating a delicious treat. She also suggests going online to sites like Pinterest to find cute, fun ideas of drawings to make, or free downloadable coloring books.

Going to the $1 section at stores to stock up on activities also helps for the unexpected day off. If you want to really beat the brain drain, grab some baking soda, liquid dish soap, and vinegar for a fun in-home science experiment.

Check out the video above for more ideas to do on a snow day.

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