Recover from a workout or injury with a relaxing massage

When it comes to aches and pains, the right type of massage may be just the ticket to comfort

You may treat yourself to a luxurious massage as a way to relax or as a special gift to yourself. When it comes to the aches and pains you may have after a hard workout or an injury, you might view massages an entirely different way. Fitness Expert Jody Trierweiler joined Jason Carr as she explained the differences in massages and which ones are better for certain needs.

While Licensed Massage Therapist Judi Lopinski gave Jason examples of various massages, Jody dove into the different ailments that can be treated with certain massages and the body parts that are affected. First, she shared how a Lymphatic Drainage massage can help with swelling, bloating, fatigue and cellulite with focus on your lymph nodes. If you experience headaches, neck pain, dementia and PTSD, a Crainosacral massage would be best. This helps to move the cerebral fluids in your head and neck that will release tension in those areas.

For issues with mobility, breathing, posture or an athletic injury, request Rolfing or Structural Integration. You have to find a specialized Rolfer who is certified to do this massage. The more traditional massage, Swedish, is used to treat stress, insomnia, inflexibility and tension. Finally, to ease muscle knots, treat a sports injury or overuse of pain medication, a Trigger Point massage works great.

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