Detroit photographer is living his dream capturing Detroit music royalty

Jeremy Deputat traveled the world snapping iconic pictures of Detroit stars

Uniquely Detroit Photographer on Live in the D

It‘s one thing to travel the world taking pictures of the life that surrounds you. It’s another thing to travel the world capturing the life of an internationally-known musician. That is exactly what photographer Jeremy Deputat does, and he has the pictures, and memories, to back it up.

Deputat started taking pictures for Real Detroit Weekly around 2002. After being promoted to Art Director, he had the desire to do something different, to breakout. So he bought a camera, on a shoestring budget, and began taking pictures for the magazine. Once he left Real Detroit, and Detroit in general for Los Angeles, Jeremy began working for Interscope Records. It was a move that changed his life.

Now Jeremy says he has been to almost every continent, has gone on tour and taken pictures of Detroit music legends, like Eminem and Kid Rock. His amazing pictures have even been featured on the covers of prestigious publications, one stand out pic is Eminem‘s cover of Billboard magazine. He said one lesson he‘s learned over the years is to never move slow, and always be ready, you might miss your best shots if you don’t.

Watch the video above to see some of Jeremy Deputat’s most famous, and favorite, pictures.