Enjoy some home-cooking you didn’t cook yourself

This Plymouth restaurant offers delicious comfort food curbside

Dine in the D: Hermanns Olde Town Grille on Live in the D
Dine in the D: Hermanns Olde Town Grille on Live in the D

Plymouth – With delicious homemade food and a giant moose on the outside of the building, Hermann’s Olde Town Grille is a quirky spot that will make you feel like part of the family.

The Hermann family bought the restaurant, located in the heart of Old Town Plymouth, in 2003. “We’re trying to bring people together. Hermann’s is literally who we are, right, so when you come in you get to see Hermanns and talk to us,” says Nicole Johnson, one of the co-owners of Hermanns.

"So I started in the restaurant industry at 17, my first job was a hostess," said Marisa Trussler, the other co-owner of Hermann's and Nicole's older sister. "As I was leaving college, my dad was looking to change jobs. He actually knew the old owner of this place, the old owner wanted to sell it and he jumped on the opportunity. We just put our heart and soul into it."

They kept some of the design of the old restaurant, namely their many moose. Besides the giant mural of a drooling moose on the outside of the building, there is also a real moose head mounted behind the bar on an automated platform so it slowly moves. There are also a lot of little moose decorations all around the restaurant.

They also added some touches of their own. Both Marisa and Nicole's favorite toys are displayed throughout the restaurant. There are family pictures, paraphernalia from the university the girls went to, and an old bicycle in honor of all the bikes their father used to fix up.

In terms of food, they serve American bar food favorites. There are plenty of sandwiches, burgers, finger foods, and salads. What sets them apart, they claim, is the quality of their ingredients.

"We serve food that we like, family food," said Johnson. "We don't buy what's cheapest, we buy what we would eat and what we like best."

Currently, Hermann’s Olde Town Grille is still open for carryout, curbside drop off, and some delivery. You can pay over the phone for a contact-free experience. To order, visit their website or give them a call at 734-451-1213. Hermann’s Olde Town Grille is located at 1314 W Liberty Street in Plymouth.

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