Top three things Tati won’t take for granted

Tati Amare shares three things she won't take for granted. (2020 WDIV)

On the show we talk a lot about all of the things we can’t wait to get back to doing and what we’re going to miss this summer.

Here's my top three list of things I hope and pray I won't take for granted after it's safe to head out!

  • Dinner and brunch out with family and friends. I LOVE going out for a nice meal with my loved ones! Whether it’s a Friday girls night out, a lazy afternoon brunching or a random night after work... I will enjoy and relish every moment and meal!
  • Shopping at the mall. Yes, you all know how frugal I am... But I miss window shopping and roaming around with my coffee and looking at all of the stuff I’m not going to buy.
  • Traveling! I was so ready for my girlfriend getaways, trips to visit friends and family, and quick weekend getaways. My passport is ready for more stamps!

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