See how it really is a “dog’s life” on this new show

The voice behind two beloved Disney dogs hosts a new show about amazing canines

Bill Farmer Goofy and Pluto on Live in the D

You may know him when you hear him, as he has been the voice of two great Disney characters, Goofy and Pluto. However, now Bill Farmer is stepping in front of the cameras, after 33 years, to host a new show about one of our favorite pets, dogs. “It’s a Dog’s Life with Bill Farmer” on Disney+ will show Farmer highlighting real working dogs that have incredible jobs. He also talks to the dogs’ owners to learn more about their relationships and their interactions with people.

From dogs finding diseases in people to helping track the humpback whale population, Farmer said he was shocked and amazed at the wonderful things dogs can do and how they help humans and fellow animals. He said he has a new appreciation for dogs and the show is a great way to learn that your pooch is not just a great companion, but has extraordinary talents as well.

Watch the video above to hear a special message from Goofy!